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A sudden power outage doesn’t mean you need to be inconvenienced.  There’s no reason to be faced with damage to property and possessions, safety hazards, discomfort, or disruption to your routine.  Call the professionals from Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning, and you’ll never need to abandon your house and pay for a hotel stay, because of a lengthy electrical failure. A permanently installed backup generator protects you, whether you’re without power for an hour or days at a time.  With instant and safe transition of power, your backup generator takes over and continues operation for as long as required.  Crucial appliances, such as sump pumps, heating and cooling systems, computers, and refrigerators are safeguarded from harm and continue to meet your needs without interruption. Our knowledgeable technicians calculate the specific requirements of your household, offer accurate recommendations, and complete skilled installation, ensuring years of reliability, with minimal maintenance.

Stay safe with a home generator installation!
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Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning features Generac Generators, offering a full range of the most recognized and established products on the market.  For any sized home or demand, these systems answer with sufficient power supplied directly to your home’s electrical system, for as long as needed. Our qualified specialists handle installation without delay, comply with all applicable safety and building codes, and provide ongoing inspection and service to maintain optimum performance.  When severe weather in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana leads to a power outage, we’ll make sure you’re ready.  Contact us at 855-817-4108 for further information and prompt service throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

A Generac backup generator offers many advantages, including:

  • Automatic power transfer eliminates the need for you to be on the premises to initiate operation.
  • Utilizing an existing fuel source, such as natural gas or liquid propane, the unit never needs to be refueled for long-term operation.
  • Responding immediately to a power failure, the Generac generator is operating at capacity within seconds.
  • With safe and consistent power provided until utility power is restored, a backup generator allows you to go about your normal routine, leave the house, and utilize essential appliances with complete confidence.
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to your home, appliances, or sensitive material due to sudden or lengthy power outages.
  • You have the option to predetermine select appliances or power the entire home.
  • When utility power is restored, the system automatically transitions and returns to standby mode.

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Home Generators ∴ Crown Point, IN ∴ Cedar Lake, IN ∴ Dyer, IN